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CBC provides solutions for your changing residential needs. The beauty—and savings—is in using what you already own by remodeling or adding new square footage.

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Need room to grow? With CBC renovation, remodeling, add-ons and more are possible.

Every home is different and every family’s requirements shift over time. CBC’s creative strategies make the most of your property’s available space and work within your budget. Remodeling an existing structure uses fewer resources than starting from scratch too. That’s “green” thinking. It even provides the opportunity to incorporate more energy-efficient retrofits and use new earth-friendly materials in the process.

Turn the house you already own into the home of your dreams with options that are feasible and affordable. Make those upgrades you’ve always wanted: a luxury bath, the mother of all nurseries, a “man cave” over the garage. Because we manage the construction schedule and crew supervision, we make sure the rest of your home is protected during the project.

CBC’s Transitions Additions division specializes in renovations that make multigenerational living a joy, emphasizing comfort, privacy and accessibility for aging individuals. We can transform any space into a new bedroom and bath—and even include a kitchenette and separate entrance, if desired. We can add on or build up. We’ll analyze the structural limitations and advantages, offering inspired solutions that meet your needs and expectations. Transitions Additions is ADA compliant, licensed and insured.

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